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Is Laura Geller Being Discontinued?

In recent months, there has been speculation and concern amongst beauty enthusiasts regarding the future of the Laura Geller cosmetics brand. With rumors circulating about the potential discontinuation of the beloved line, loyal customers have been left wondering about the fate of their favorite products. 

Laura Geller Beauty has long been recognized for its high-quality and innovative cosmetics, leaving many to question the validity of these speculations.  The latest word on the street seems to revolve around Laura Geller. A question that many are asking is “Is Laura Geller being discontinued?” This blog post aims to answer this question and provide you with the most accurate information.

What is Laura Geller?

Laura Geller is a renowned name in the world of beauty. Founded by a celebrity makeup artist of the same name, the brand is famous for its innovative and high-quality makeup products. Laura Geller’s products are known for their easy-to-apply makeup solutions that provide professional results.

The brand offers a wide range of makeup products including foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes. Known for products like their ‘Baked Balance-n-Brighten’ foundation and ‘Spackle’ primer, Laura Geller makeup has a strong following amongst beauty lovers. The brand also has a strong commitment to cruelty-free practices, and many of its products are paraben-free. 

Is Laura Geller Being Discontinued?

The question “Is Laura Geller being discontinued?” has been making its rounds in the beauty community. There’s been speculation, but it is essential to understand the basis of these rumors. The short answer is no, Laura Geller is not being discontinued completely. Plus, there is no official announcement or information that Laura Geller cosmetics is being discontinued. 

Laura Geller products may not be as widely available in brick and mortar stores as they once were, which may have sparked some of these rumors. Some of their products were also on sale on different e-commerce sites, which may give the impression of the brand being discontinued.

However, you can still purchase Laura Geller products on their official website and through select retailers – so fans of the brand need not worry. This simply means the company may be adjusting its sales strategy or streamlining production rather than discontinuing its entire line. It’s suspected that Laura Geller’s brand is focusing more on online sales versus retail. 

Where Did These Rumors Come From?

Is Laura Geller Being Discontinued
Is Laura Geller Being Discontinued

Now, where did the rumors of Laura Geller being discontinued originate? The answer lies in several public decisions and changes that the brand has made. We will discuss these in detail in the subsequent sections.

Laura Geller NYC Beauty Studio Closed

The first sign of change was when Laura Geller closed her iconic NYC Beauty Studio. This decision led many to believe that Laura Geller was being discontinued. However, the closure of one studio does not equate to the discontinuation of the entire brand. The brand continues to sell its products online and through various retailers.

Laura Geller Discontinued Some Products

Another reason for the rumors is the discontinuation of some Laura Geller’s products. It’s common for brands to discontinue certain products based on various factors like sales performance, customer feedback, or to make room for new launches. Laura Geller is no exception. While some products have been discontinued, it’s part of a brand’s growth and evolution.

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Is Laura Geller Facing Financial Troubles?

Over the past few years, several beauty brands have faced financial difficulties due to various factors, including increased competition and changing consumer preferences. As a result, rumors have been circulating about the potential discontinuation of the Laura Geller brand. While there has been no official statement from the company regarding its financial status, there are a few signs that suggest it may be experiencing some challenges.

There have been reports of Laura Geller products being heavily discounted at various retailers. Which could be a sign that the company is trying to clear out inventory.

Despite these indications, it is essential to note that many brands go through periods of financial instability. It does not necessarily mean that they are being discontinued. It could be that Laura Geller is in the process of rebranding or re-strategizing to adapt to the ever-changing beauty market.

Is Laura Geller Still in Business?

As of now, there has been no official announcement from Laura Geller or its parent company, Glansaol, about the discontinuation. Laura Geller’s website remains active, and new products continue to be released, indicating that the company is still operating. However, it is worth noting that Glansaol filed for bankruptcy in 2020. Which may have had a knock-on effect on its subsidiary brands, including Laura Geller.

It is also possible that the company is undergoing a restructuring process to address any financial challenges. Which may involve changes in its product offerings or distribution channels. In any case, until there is an official statement from Laura Geller or Glansaol, it is safe to assume that the brand is still in business.

Who Sells Laura Geller Makeup?

Some popular retailers that carry Laura Geller makeup include:

  • Laura Geller’s official website: The brand’s website is still active and continues to feature new product releases, sales, and promotions.
  • Ulta Beauty: Ulta is a well-known beauty retailer that offers a wide range of Laura Geller products.
  • QVC: The home shopping network QVC regularly features Laura Geller products and exclusive deals.
  • Amazon: You can also find a selection of Laura Geller makeup on Amazon. However it is essential to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller to avoid counterfeit products.


In conclusion, is Laura Geller being discontinued? The rumors seem to be just that – rumors. While the brand has indeed closed its NYC Beauty Studio and discontinued some products, it continues to thrive in the beauty market. Laura Geller is still very much a part of the beauty industry, constantly innovating, and introducing new products to cater to its loyal customer base.

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