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Is Alvera Deodorant Discontinued?

Alvera deodorant has become increasingly difficult to find in stores lately, leading many loyal users to wonder – is Alvera deodorant discontinued? In this post, we’ll look at the history of Alvera deodorant, examine why it seems to be disappearing from store shelves, discuss its key ingredients, and recommend some alternative natural deodorants in case Alvera is indeed being phased out. 

With over 3 decades on the market, Alvera has earned a devoted following for its effective, aluminum-free formula. Losing access to this popular natural deodorant has left many shoppers confused and concerned. Read on for the details on the elusive Alvera deodorant.

Is Alvera Deodorant Discontinued or Just Shortage?

There is no definitive evidence to substantiate claims that Alvera Deodorant has been discontinued. The shortages of Alvera deodorant have led some to speculate that it has been discontinued. However, according to the manufacturer, there is no plan to discontinue Alvera. The shortages are due to supply chain issues impacting the availability of certain ingredients and components. 

While it may be difficult to find Alvera deodorant right now, the company states it is temporary and efforts are being made to increase production to normal levels. So it appears Alvera deodorant is not discontinued, just experiencing shortages.

Alvera Deodorant: Overview and History  

Alvera is a natural deodorant brand that has been around since 1959. It was founded in Germany and uses natural ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, and baking soda to help neutralize odor. 

Alvera deodorants are aluminum-free and contain no parabens, alcohol, or artificial fragrances. The brand has a cult following for its effective odor protection from natural ingredients. While not as widely available as some brands, Alvera has earned a reputation over decades for quality natural deodorants.

Why is There an Alvera Deodorant Shortage?

Is Alvera Deodorant Discontinued?
Is Alvera Deodorant Discontinued?

The major factor behind the Alvera deodorant shortage seems to be supply chain disruptions. The pandemic caused many supply and manufacturing delays across industries. With Alvera’s products containing specialized natural ingredients sourced from various suppliers, their production was impacted. 

Raw material shortages and transportation delays have made it difficult for Alvera to obtain the ingredients and components it needs to make their deodorants fast enough to meet demand. 

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Why Alvera Deodorant is Popular

There are several key reasons why Alvera deodorant is so popular despite the shortages:

  • Effective Odor Protection: Alvera’s baking soda-based formula is very effective at neutralizing odors for all-day protection.
  • Natural Ingredients: Consumers like that it contains no aluminum, parabens, or artificial fragrances, only naturally derived ingredients like aloe vera.
  • Gentle on Skin: The natural formulas avoid irritation and allow sensitive skin types to use it comfortably. 
  • Affordable Price Point: At around $6 a stick, Alvera is affordable compared to premium natural brands that can cost $10-15.

Why is Alvera Deodorant Out of Stock Everywhere?

The supply chain issues slowing Alvera’s production appear to be impacting all major retailers. Popular shops like Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Amazon that normally stock Alvera deodorant are seeing empty shelves. 

With demand still high but output lagging, stocks are selling out quickly with long delays for new inventory shipments. This widespread shortage across retailers demonstrates how deeply COVID disruptions have rippled through global supply chains. Until manufacturing and distribution channels stabilize, the out-of-stock situation may persist for some time.

Is Alvera Deodorant Officially Discontinued?

Despite the shortages, there is no official statement about the discontinuation of Alvera Deodorant. The pandemic-related supply chain problems are temporary, though resolving them takes time. 

While it is unclear when supply will fully recover, Alvera remains committed to increasing production to normal levels. So while finding Alvera locally may be difficult right now, consumers can be reassured that the brand still plans to continue making these popular natural deodorants into the future.

Alvera Deodorant Alternatives

Alvera deodorant offers an effective, aluminum-free formula that has become harder to find in recent years. If you can no longer locate your favorite Alvera scent, here are some similar natural deodorant options to consider:

Schmidt Deodorant

Schmidt’s makes several plant-based deodorant scents, like coconut pineapple and lavender sage, without aluminum or baking soda. Schmidt’s deodorants are vegan and cruelty-free. They glide on smoothly, provide wetness protection, and leave no sticky residue.

Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant comes in intriguing scents like coconut & vanilla and lavender & rose. The formula is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc. It uses tapioca starch to absorb wetness. Native Deodorants are vegan and not tested on animals.

Tom Deodorants

Tom’s of Maine deodorants offer aluminum-free protection in long-lasting scents like apricot, lavender, and wild rose. Baking soda helps neutralize odors while sunflower oil moisturizes. Tom’s of Maine products are cruelty-free and made with recyclable materials.

Primal Pit

Primal Pit Paste makes small-batch, organic deodorants with ingredients like arrowroot powder, shea butter, and essential oils. Scents include lemon ginger, jasmine, and cinnamon. The vegan formula glides on smooth without irritating sensitive underarms.

Identifying When A Product Is Being Discontinued

There are certain signs to watch for when a product is potentially being discontinued:

  • It disappears from stores where it used to be readily available. This is typically the first public indicator.
  • The manufacturer halts advertising or social media promotion. This signals reduced investment.
  • Retail employees say it has been discontinued if asked. They often have insider knowledge.
  • Generic packaging appears without the brand name or logo. The company is selling remaining stock.
  • Customer service stops responding about the product. The company no longer supports it.
  • Remaining inventory is heavily discounted. This indicates the end of the product lifecycle.


In summary, the shortages of Alvera deodorant appear tied to pandemic supply chain issues, not a product discontinuation. Alvera’s natural deodorants remain in high demand thanks to their effective formulas, affordable prices, and natural ingredients. 

But manufacturing delays have reduced output below current demand levels, temporarily emptying stocks across major retailers. Though it is unclear when supply will normalize, Alvera does intend to continue production and restock as soon as possible. For those seeking accessible, aluminum-free deodorants, popular Alvera products still have a future once COVID-related disruptions subside.


What happened to Alvera deodorant?

Alvera deodorant seems to be getting phased out and discontinued by many retailers. The brand itself has not confirmed if Alvera has been totally discontinued. But the product has become very difficult to locate in stores over the past couple years.

Does Alvera deodorant contain aluminum?

No, Alvera deodorant is aluminum-free. That’s one reason it has appealed to consumers looking for natural deodorant options. Alvera uses ingredients like baking soda, corn starch, and vitamin E instead of aluminum to help neutralize odor and absorb wetness.

Why Is Alvera Deodorant Hard to Find These Days?

For decades, it was a popular natural deodorant choice known for its effective, aluminum-free formula. But in recent years, Alvera deodorant has become increasingly hard to find on store shelves. Here are some possible reasons why:

Many retailers have stopped carrying Alvera deodorant, likely because it wasn’t selling well enough compared to bigger name brands. With less store distribution, Alvera has faded into obscurity.

As more natural deodorant options have launched, Alvera faces stiffer competition. Brands like Native, Schmidt’s and Tom’s of Maine have captured the natural deodorant market.

Alvera seems to have decreased marketing and social media engagement in recent years. With less brand awareness and promotion, demand for Alvera has dropped.

What Are the Ingredients in Alvera?

Here is an overview of the main ingredients typically found in Alvera deodorant:

  1. Baking Soda: Helps neutralize and absorb odor
  2. Corn Starch: Absorbs moisture for wetness protection
  3. Vitamin E: Soothes and conditions skin
  4. Sunflower Seed Oil: Softens and moisturizes
  5. Vegetable Glycerin: Draws moisture into skin
  6. Organic Aloe Leaf Juice: Soothes irritation and inflammation
  7. Citric Acid: Balances skin pH
  8. Natural Fragrance Oils: Provide light, pleasant scents
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