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Is There A Friskies Cat Food Shortage?

Friskies cat food is a popular choice for many cat owners because it is affordable and widely available. Unfortunately, there’s been a shortage of Friskies cat food in recent months. This shortage has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for pet owners who are trying to provide the best nutrition for their furry friends.

There are a few reasons for the Friskies cat food shortage. One reason is that the pandemic has messed up the supply chain for pet food. Another reason is that people are adopting more pets during the pandemic, which has led to an increase in demand for pet food.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the causes of the Friskies cat food shortage, how it’s impacting pet owners, ways to cope with the shortage, and what the future holds for availability.

What is Friskies Cat Food?

Friskies is a Purina brand that makes all sorts of cat food, both wet and dry. It’s a popular choice for cat parents because it’s cheap and comes in a bunch of flavors. Friskies are also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep cats healthy and happy.

Friskies has been around for over 70 years and is one of the most popular cat food brands in the world. Available at grocery and pet stores in the US and Canada.

Is There A Friskies Cat Food Shortage?

Yes, there’s a shortage of Friskies cat food! It’s because of a bunch of factors, like a global shortage of aluminum cans, which are used to package Friskies cat food, more people adopting pets during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased demand for pet food, and production disruptions at Friskies’ manufacturing facilities.

is there a friskies cat food shortage

Why Is There A Friskies Cat Food Shortage?

There are several reasons for the Friskies cat food shortage. Here are the main ones:

Increased Demand For Pet Food 

During the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in pet ownership. This increased demand has put a strain on the supply chain for pet food, including Friskies cat food.

Global Shortage Of Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are used to package Friskies cat food, and there is a global shortage of these cans. This shortage is due to a number of factors, including supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic and an increase in demand for aluminum from other industries.

Production Disruptions At Friskies

Manufacturing facilities have also contributed to the shortage. These interruptions can arise from a multitude of circumstances, including a scarcity of workers, malfunctions in machinery, and the wrath of Mother Nature.

Labor Shortages 

Purina’s manufacturing facilities have also contributed to the shortage. Labor shortages can be caused by low wages, poor working conditions, and difficulty finding qualified workers.

Supply Chain Disruptions 

Supply chain issues caused by the pandemic have also made it difficult for Purina to get the raw materials it needs to make its products. This has led to products not being made as quickly as they should be, and there are not as many of them to go around.

Increased Costs Of Raw Materials

Increased costs of raw materials such as meat and grain have also contributed to the shortage. These increased costs have made it more expensive for Purina to produce its products, which has led to higher prices for consumers.

How is The Shortage Affecting Pet Owners?

Cat owners are freaking out because there’s a shortage of Friskies cat food, which is their cats’ favorite. They’re frustrated and anxious because they want to make sure their pets are getting the nutrition they need, but there’s not a lot of Friskies to be found. 

They’re having to switch to other brands of cat food, which can be tough because some cats are picky eaters. And if cats don’t get the right nutrition, they can get sick. Yeah, this shortage is a major bummer for cat owners and their furry friends.

Where Can Pet Owners Buy Friskies Cat Food Despite The Shortage?

Despite the Friskies cat food shortage, there are a few places where pet owners can find it. They can try large pet stores, online retailers, wholesale clubs, local pet stores, or animal shelters. Pet owners can also contact Purina customer service to see if they can help them find a store that has the food in stock.

Here are some additional tips for finding Friskies cat food during the shortage:

  • Check Your Local Grocery Store First: Many grocery stores still have Friskies cat food in stock, even if it is not on the shelves. You can check them to find out Friskies cat food. 
  • Look For Friskies Cat Food Online: There are many online retailers that sell Friskies cat food, even during the shortage. Always shop around before you buy anything, as some stores might charge more than others.
  • Contact Purina Customer Service: Purina customer service can help you find a store that has Friskies cat food in stock. They can also help you order Friskies cat food online or by phone.


The Friskies cat food shortage is a big bummer for cat parents who want to feed their felines the best possible food. Friskies, a beloved brand, has been hit by a number of disruptions, including the pandemic, a global aluminum can shortage, production and labor issues, and supply chain disruptions. Many pet owners are feeling the crunch, as they can’t find their cats’ favorite food.

This has led to people trying alternative brands and searching online for tips on where to find Friskies.Pet owners should be proactive in finding food for their cats while the shortage continues. Hopefully, through collaboration and industry action, the shortage will be resolved soon and Friskies will once again be available for all cats to enjoy.


Are There Alternatives To Friskies Cat Food During The Shortage?

Due to the ongoing shortage of Friskies cat food, pet owners may want to consider other brands to ensure their furry friends are getting the nutrition they need. Purina offers a variety of wet and dry cat food options that could be a good substitute during this time.

How Widespread is The Friskies Cat Food Shortage?

There’s a shortage of Friskies cat food going on right now, and it’s affecting pet stores and online retailers all over the place. Pet owners are having a hard time finding Friskies products, especially the wet cat food varieties.


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