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Is There A Sanders Bumpy Cake Shortage in 2024?

Sanders Bumpy Cake is a classic dessert many people have grown to love. Its delicious combination of chocolate, buttercream, and ganache has made it a popular treat for generations. However, recent reports of a bumpy cake shortage have left fans of this dessert worried. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Sanders Bumpy Cake, the reasons behind the shortage, and what can be done to address this issue.

About Sanders Bumpy Cake

The origins of Sanders Bumpy Cake date back to 1913 when Fred Sanders opened his first chocolate shop in Detroit, Michigan. The original bumpy cake recipe was created in the 1930s and has remained largely unchanged ever since. This tasty dessert features a moist chocolate cake with a layer of rich, buttercream bumps, all topped off with a delicious chocolate ganache. Over the decades, Sanders Bumpy Cake has gained a loyal following, with many considering it an essential part of any celebration or gathering.

Is There A Sanders Bumpy Cake Shortage in 2024?

No, currently there is no shortage of Sander’s Bumpy cake in 2024. There was a potential shortage in 2023. The bakery that had been producing them for many years closed, and Sanders had difficulty finding a replacement that could meet their quality standards.  However, Sanders was able to eventually secure a new bakery that could replicate the original recipe and production process, ensuring that there is an ample supply of Sander’s Bumpy cake for customers to enjoy in 2024. 

is there a bumpy cake shortage

Why Was There A Sanders Bumpy Cake Shortage?

The main reason of the Sanders Bumpy Cake shortage in 2023 was the closure of their long-time bakery partner, Minnie Marie Bakers, which shut down their Livonia bakery. This meant Sanders lost their production facility for the beloved cakes. Sanders had been working with Minnie Marie Bakers for over 30 years, and the closure came as a shock to the company.

They had difficulties finding a new bakery partner that could replicate the unique recipe and quality of their Bumpy Cakes. This not only affected the availability of the cakes in stores, but also led to production delays and inconsistencies in the product.

Why Is Sanders’ Bumpy Cake So Popular?

Sanders’ Bumpy Cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a cherished tradition. Known for its rich, chocolate fudge bumps atop a moist chocolate cake, it has been a favorite treat for generations. Its unique texture and the perfect balance between sweetness and chocolaty goodness have contributed to its enduring popularity. A slice of Bumpy Cake is a slice of nostalgia, reminding many of happy childhood memories.

How is Sanders Addressing Bumpy Cake Shortage Issue?

Sanders Bakery is taking proactive measures to combat the Bumpy Cake shortage. They are working tirelessly to streamline their supply chain and increase production capabilities. Moreover, they are exploring alternative ingredients and processes that don’t sacrifice the cake’s quality. The bakery is also considering expanding its workforce to boost production and meet the escalating demand.

Impact of Shortage on Sanders Bakery Business

The bumpy cake shortage has had a significant impact on Sanders Bakery’s business. The company has had to deal with disappointed customers and lost sales. However, it has also given them an opportunity to reassess their business model and make necessary adaptations. They are leveraging this situation to innovate and improve, thus turning a challenge into an opportunity. 

In addition, Sanders Bakery is focusing on improving their supply chain and production processes to prevent future shortages. They are working closely with their suppliers to ensure a steady flow of ingredients and are investing in new equipment to increase their production capacity. By addressing the root cause of the shortage, they are positioning themselves for long-term success and growth.

Impact of Bumpy Cake Shortage on Customers

The Sanders Bumpy Cake, a rich, chocolate delight topped with buttercream bumps and coated in a decadent fudge frosting, is more than just a dessert. It’s a tradition, a shared experience, and a cherished memory for numerous families. The current bumpy cake shortage, therefore, has not only disrupted dessert tables but also affected the nostalgia associated with the cake.

Customers are experiencing frustration and disappointment due to the unavailability of this much-loved treat. Social media platforms are abuzz with individuals expressing their longing for the bumpy cake, making clear the significant impact of this shortage.

Even though Sanders has assured their patrons that the shortage is temporary, the exact timeline remains unclear, adding to the anxiety and anticipation among consumers.

When The Shortage Will End?

The Sanders bumpy cake shortage was happened in 2023 that lasted for a long time but for now in 2024 that shortage as been resolved. You can easily buy bumpy cake from Sanders official website. Fans can once again enjoy the delicious combination of chocolate, buttercream, and nuts that make up this iconic dessert.

Sanders is committed to providing high-quality products to its customers, and the resolution of the bumpy cake shortage is a testament to that commitment. So if you’ve been craving a bumpy cake, now is the perfect time to indulge in this delectable treat. 

Sanders’ Bumpy Cake Alternatives

While the wait for the iconic bumpy cake continues, there are several alternatives available to satiate your sweet cravings. Sanders’ own line of gourmet desserts offers plenty of options, from Cream Puffs to Chocolate Fudge Cake, each providing a unique flavor experience.

Other bakeries have also stepped up, offering similar cakes with buttercream bumps and fudge frosting. While they may not exactly replicate the Sanders’ Bumpy Cake, they come close enough, providing a temporary fix for your sweet tooth.


The Sanders Bumpy Cake shortage has been fixed, making fans happy again. It’s a big relief for both the bakery and the people who love the cake. The problem happened because the bakery they worked with for a long time closed unexpectedly, but now they found a new one to make the cakes.

The cake is famous for its yummy chocolate, buttercream, and ganache layers, and people missed it a lot during the shortage. Now that it’s back, everyone can enjoy it again. It’s a reminder of good times and a favorite treat for many. Sanders Bakery promises to keep making delicious cakes, bringing joy to people’s lives.


Why Did Finding A New Baker Take So Long?

Sanders prioritizes maintaining the high quality and classic taste of their Bumpy Cakes. Finding a new bakery that could replicate the original recipe proved challenging. After extensive research and taste testing, Sanders finally found a bakery that was able to successfully recreate the signature taste of their Bumpy Cakes. This new partnership allowed Sanders to continue offering their beloved product to customers without compromise in quality or flavor.

Are Sanders Bumpy Cakes Still Available?

Yes, Sander’s Bumpy cakes are still available. You can buy them at their official website Sander Candy.  They are also available at various grocery stores and retailers in the Midwest region of the United States. If you are unable to find them in stores near you, you can always order them online from Sander Candy’s website. 

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